Beautiful curls with no gel ? PLEASE , help !

I have 3b type hair and I usually wash my hair in the morning , and after I'm out the shower add conditioner and gel . I know , I know gel is TERRIBLE for your hair . But NOTHING else works . If I don't put gel in my hair , it turns into a huge puff ball . Yesterday I tried Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie for thick curly hair + diffused my hair . It did NOT work . I'm tired of trying to figure something out that works for my hair , if I keep using gel all of my hair is going to break and never grow . Pleaseeeeee if anyone has any tips I'll be EXTREMELY thankful ! Also , how do u sleep w/o messing up ur hair ? No pineapple please
I don't think gel is necessarily terrible for your hair. The CG method is largely based off of gel. Since going mod-CG and using gel, my hair has gotten much softer and less frizzy. Have you tried Eco Styler Krystal Styling Gel? It works well for me, as well as a lot of other people on this site, and is supposed to be good for your hair.
Eco syler gel? No I havn't .... How long does your hair last before your next wash ?
It's really cheap. I think I paid $5 or so a huge tub of it at Sally's. Well, I'm a wavy, so sleeping on it doesn't work very well. I haven't even experimented too much; for me, it's easier just to redo it in the morning. The gel just helps it dry curlier and with less frizz.

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