Hairstylist ruined my hair?!

Hey curlys,
so a few days ago i took a very brave step and got my hair cut and styled for the very first time, other then a trim here and there.
the stylist decided to layer my hair into long layers. this seemed like a good idea as i have heard curly hair being cut into long layers and i assumed that she knew what she was doing.
but now, i'm not so sure. when my hair dries it resembles a triangle and no product that i've used seems to be helping. Also, she mentioned the layers so i'd have more volume on top of my head, but i just dont! PLEASE HELP!

Do you think she cut my hair wrong?
What should i do to add volume to the top of my hair so i don't look like a triangle?
Long layers won't give you volume on top. Some people find success with clipping, though I'm not one of them.

Can you go back to the stylist and explain that you don't like the shape now? Sometimes just a reshaping helps, while at others, it's best just to accept your losses and grow it out, or find someone new.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

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