Is the rest of your family curly or straight?

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ohhh that brings back alot

people look at me then my family then me and then ask where did i get the curls

all of us go silent
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I'm also the only curly in my family, though my dad and (paternal) grandfather both had curly hair. Everyone else has straight hair, but my 13 year old brother is beginning to have bit of a wave. That being said, I had straight(ish) hair for years because my curls grew out with my baby hair and came back once I hit puberty.
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3a/2c, fine, medium density, medium/high porosity (bleached). Jaw legnth inverted bob.
Cowash- Suave Naturals Cocunut.
RO- Tresseme Naturals.
LI- Same as Cowash.
All my living family either have curly hair or wavy almost curly hair.
Nope their hair is straight as it could possibly be but mine is type 3A I love being the not one, it makes me different haha

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