High School Hair?

Hey, I'm starting school soon, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how i should wear my 3b curls(:. My 3b curls a little past should length (: thanks !
I'm starting high school too with 3b hair a little longer than yours. My usual hairdo is half up half down for school, but I've also take a liking to low (side) ponytails. I usually put a little extra gel in my hair the night before if I am planning to do a pony. I usually just tie my hair back to the nape of my neck then pull it to the side. I also like messy buns. Cute girls hairstyles on YouTube have really cute messy buns that can be done in curly hair, and they also have some cool hairdos in general. I love to do the gibson tuck too. Another great hairstyle is French braids with a variation or just plain. I like to do a half up half down hairstyle where I French braid the top half of my hair, but leave the bottom layer down. It's great for hiding frizz. If I don't want to do a French braid, I just tie up some of my hair in a bun at the top of my head and expose the bottom half. Hope this helps!
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I'm in high school!

I usually like to leave my hair down with my bangs twisted and pinned to the side. Sometimes, i put it up with a few curly tendrils hanging out which is also really pretty. You could also fishtail braid it to one side, which looks great on curly hair. If I'm not in a rush, I'll add a cute headband or a couple clips or something that match my outfit! Oh and go on YouTube, and you can learn tons of great easy hairstyles
I like pull my bangs back and then leave the rest of my hair down. Or I'll do a bun/ponytail.
Waterlily716 on youtube has some great videos on wearing your curly hair in different ways, so be sure to check those out(:
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fishtail plait it! i usually loosely fishtail like this: http://media24.onsugar.com/files/201...hudgens_bd.jpg

or have my hair down, but sweeped to one side, with my bangs clipped back or down depending on my mood.
it might sound strange but sometimes i straighten the bottom part of my hair, the bottom 2 inches, which gives it a longer, more controlled BUT still curly look!
Plain old hair down
A braid out or twist out
Half up hair down
French braid
Messy bun
French braid with ends tucked in so it looks seamless

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