What is my hair type?

I know it's not important, but since I started reading this site, my hair has improved so I wanted to know what type it is. I was thinking either 2c, 3a, or 3b but I'm not sure.

The first picture's lighting is more accurate, in the other ones the flash makes my hair look way shinier than it is, but I think the curl size still looks accurate (i know they're bad pics I only took them to ask this).

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I'd say you have more 3a or 3b curls. It's not unusual to have different ranges of curls on your hair though. The methods people usually use is to treat their hair how it acts that day.
If my hair is feeling more 2c I'll change the routine just a tad from my normal 3a.
Either way your curls or gorgeous(:
Type -3a/3b
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Definitely 3a because 3b is the size of a itty bitty marker!!! Yours are too loose to be a 3b

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