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I am 14, and recently( and stupidly) ended up keeping my braid in for the entire summer, swimming and all. Now my hair is a tangled, matted mess! School starts in a week, and I have tried as hard as I can, btu I cannot personally untangle it. Anyone know a salon that could helpme fix this before oreintation in 2 days?
ugh im 13 and i did the same thing last summer. I (stupidly) cut the huge knot out myself and had different length hair for a while before all the cut hair grew back to a length i was comfortable with so i could get a new professional hair cut. DO NOT DO WHAT I DID lol. but you could check the salon finder on this website for a good salon.
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Undo the braid as much as you can, then (while showering) soak your hair with water and conditioner and work through the knots. It will take a while and you will lose a lot of hair, but that's really the only way. Add conditioner as needed. Do this while running water over the hair, it tends to help loosen the knots.
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I would make sure the conditioner has a lot of slip! Look for a moisturizing, detangling conditioner. Take breaks if necessary. Being overly tired or frustrated while detangling can cause excess hair loss (and tears, ouch!).

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