Should I straighten my hair or try to make the waves and curls look better?

My hair is thick, frizzy, and wavy, with a few spiraly curls by the bottom. I always hated it because the waves looked straighter in some places then others and curly in others and made no sense. Should I just straighten it out or try to help the waves look better? Also I'm gonna grow it pretty long... Here's a pic. Btw I know my nose looks funny but I got a cut on it.
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I would try to help the waves look better. Have some patience though, it might not happen overnight. If you start straightening your hair, you'll just end up with a long term problem of unhealthy hair. I would get some new product and experiment with new routines. Who knows what will happen!
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Lillz, I think you and your thick hair are very pretty. I'd love to have your thick hair - gorgeous!

Here's a question/suggestion, though. From your picture, your face is a longish oval. I understand very well the allure of very long hair but I'm wondering if that would suit your face shape. You might try googling best haircuts for face shape and see pictures and recommendations for a longish oval face. My face is long also, so I noticed that.

If you can afford it, how about a nice haircut that just shapes it, and then you can experiment with blowing it straight or making it more wavy/curly? Is your hair in good condition?

Also, even if you don't get a haircut, a trip to a really good salon might help you get some good suggestions about whether to style it curly or straight. HTH!
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Id say don't straighten it since you're trying to grow it you don't want to risk damaging it.Maybe its because you have layers or different textures.

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