Curly With Bangs

I wanted to share my experience with naturally curly and bangs so far, and maybe you guys could share your experience as well? c: I know a lot of teens (like myself) who want(ed) bangs, and this could be something to read before getting them, as to know what you're getting in to?

My experience... I was really excited to get bangs, but incredibly anxious about it, since I haven't cut my hair in six years. My mom booked me for a salon nearby that had good reviews. Despite that, it really wasn't a good experience. Even though I asked for my hair to be layered, the stylist cut all of my hair to the same length before layering it! o.o I asked her not to take off too much hair, maybe half an inch at best, and she completely disregarded that. And then she got to the bangs - completely uneven; more on the left than on the right; and, worst of all, cut so that there was a bald-ish spot in the middle. D:

It was terrible. So, if you're getting bangs, I'd suggest going to an awesome salon you know, not one like the one I went to. Anyway, after the initial haircut, I really hated it for about a week, and, since then, I've been trying to figure out how to deal with it. I got straight across bangs (cut the wrong way D: ), which looks funny if I straighten it. My only choices are really to leave it naturally curly with curly or straight bangs - which looks kind of funny because my haircut is so bad and needs to be corrected - or curling it with a curling iron. As much as it sucks, curling it looks best, because I can hide the problems with my hair, and control how triangle-y it gets.

My bangs can be fun to play with though. I gelled it into a unicorn horn once. Leaving it curly works best for me with naturally curly, because mixing naturally curly with straight looks odd; thankfully, my bangs don't curl into ringlets, so it looks acceptable. Straight with curling iron curled hair looks really good as well.

I might add some pictures some time. c: Overall, bangs are fun, but be careful where you get them. ...I'm just going to let mine grow out.

What experiences do you guys have with styling your bangs/getting them cut/etc?
I'd love to see some pics if you have them!
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Well I currently have bangs... I straightened my hair instead of wearing it curly, but I wanted to wear my hair curly when my bangs were long enough. I was growing them out, and in July they were almost at the length I wanted them to be, but I decided that I wanted to keep straightening my hair. So I got my bangs cut, and the rest of my hair. Now I have to grow out my bangs again until they're long enough. Luckily, my hair grows fast, and now they're side bangs.
I reeally wanted blunt bangs this year at christmas. Instead of getting them cut profesionally I DIYed it. Any way they turned out great. I acually had people ask me to cut their bangs! Anyway, I got sick of blunt bangs fast and cut my bangs side swept. They looked great and a couple other girls got side swept bangs too. I finally went to my regular hair dresser to get my ends trimmed etc. I asked her to trim my bangs and she takes a massive chunk out of my lovely bangs. *sob* Needless to say, I am now growing them out.
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