Things to make hair grow back faster after cut??

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Are you still getting results from the cream?

It worked for me, really. I used the equate walmart kind and mixed it with doo gro oil and I saw results. Imma try to post pics

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Originally Posted by ShayShampagne

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Originally Posted by 7OH4_QC
After I speed using it I saw results but now that I stopped I don't see results. I'm going to get more soon though, that way I can document my progress better than last time.

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i swear by coconut oil!!!

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I'm using oil with cayenne pepper powder but its no joke when it goes in your eyes.I can't tell if its working but I think it is.
Yeah it burns like crazy if it gets in your eyes. Did you feel tingling in your scalp?

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Nope I thought I didn't put enough but my ears and lips were burning too!Maybe I should have warmed the oil but my hair has a lot of particles. I've been doing these treatments about twice a week for the past 2 weeks.

I'm planning on doing it all throughout November and if I run out I'm going to a honey&cinnamon mixture.
If you make the commitment to closely follow the five steps below, not only will you grow long hair but your hair will be in beautiful condition throughout the process. Read my tips below...

1. Comb your hair daily. This will help stimulate hair growth. Even if youíre at work, be sure to take constant breaks to brush your hair, just donít get caught.

2. Moisturize your hair. Find a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that adds volume to your hair.

3.Use hair packs once a week to put sustenance in your hair. Much the same as your skin, hair too requires some product of spoiling on a general foundation and cutting edge hair packs help give a clean sparkle to your hair.

4. Trim your hair regularly. You want to do this to get rid of split ends and to add shape to your hair.

5. Uphold to an exceptional diet. Your hair too requires the reliable support of an adjusted eating regimen to develop well. Just ensure that all your meals have enough protein and iron in them.

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