Herbal essences totally twisted conditioner and gel

I'm pretty sure my hair is 3b and I just bought herbal essences shampoo and conditioner and gel and mousse. I don't think I'll be using the mousse because it gives my hair too much volume. I'd prefer if my hair was flat but has anyone used these products? Oh here is my hair.. Can anyone tell me what type this is? Herbal essences totally twisted conditioner and gel-imageuploadedbycurltalk1349613168.057494.jpgHerbal essences totally twisted conditioner and gel-imageuploadedbycurltalk1349613268.657994.jpgHerbal essences totally twisted conditioner and gel-imageuploadedbycurltalk1349613312.032130.jpg
If you want very little volume I'd suggest you use products with a lot of hold. That means a hard hold gel and not mousse. Totally Twisted Gel is not a strong enough hold for me personally and I like to use the Set Me Up gel instead. You'd probably want to use a more moisturizing conditioner than the Herbal Essences ones too because the more moisturized your hair is, the more its going to lay down flat and not frizz up. Have you tried the curly girl method?
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I've just started yesterday. and if I need a moisturizing conditioner, which one would be best.. Would you say??
My current favorite is Tresseme Naturals Conditioner. A lot of people use that. But I also like Garnier Fructis Pure Clean and Yes to Carrots.
3c Hair
Fine Strands, High Density, Low Porosity
CG since August 2011
Loving my hair!!!
Ya, for co-washing conditioners I would recommend Yes to carrots. It was to heavy as a co-wash for me, but since I guess your hair is 3b (I'm a wavy so to much moisture is a problem) and you don't like volume it would work.
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I my difuser
Im pretty sure you cn find thm at local drugstores, like a shoppers drugmart, but it isn't a very popular brand so it might be hard to find

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