Slicked back ponytail with curls

Does anyone slick back their hair and put it in a ponytail...then leave the rest of your hair curly??? I hate my hair in my face and I can only touch my hair when it is wet or else it will frizz and expand. So I am trying to find wet updos if that makes any sense. Any help?
I do that. if you ever seen that movie with Christina Milian in it, "Love doesn't cost a thing" or something to that effect, where she has her hair in a slicked back pony tail with the rest curly...that's where i first seen it and got the idea. I LOVE that look. It's my favorite updo.

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Do you have any pictures of this hairstyle if you don't mind me asking?
No, not on me. I don't take many pictures. I could try and google a picture of what i was referring to though.

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Hate hair in my face too =/ Study Geology and it doesn't help having hair all over the place during field classes.

I usually put it on a ponytail, all hair away from my face. Something like this.

Also, I was surfing youtube and came across Luxy hair tutorials Great help. there is one style I love for curly hair. May help you too, plus its super easy!

One I love:
Easy Up-Do for Naturally Curly Hair - YouTube

Another one
Curly Hair Messy Bun - YouTube
Haha. That ponytail is exactly what I was referring to! But my hair is too short to make that look good.

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