Pros cons of getting a haircut

Hi! My hair is SO uneven.
Does anyone know if a Dominican salon can cut my curls evenly?? I just want my curls to be even.. I don't really care if it looks short. Do you think I would look bad if my hair lost like an inch.. Just to even up or should I stay with my regular uneven curly hair?

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I commented on the other one you posted. My hair its uneven but when its gets a lil longer im going to cut it. But you should cut if you want but I hate my hair being even

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If you don't like how it looks uneven, then get it cut. Be very clear/conservative with how much you ask off if you are worried about losing length. You could also wait for it to grow more and then trim it, but if it is bothering you then you might as well get it trimmed now.

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