What hair products do you use?

I'm not really sure what hair type I have (ill post a pic) but what type of hair products do you guys use to have soft curls? Mine always comes out kind of crunchy...
What hair products do you use?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1352082111.806160.jpg
I use cantu leave-in conditioner it does great for my hair it makes it soft I love it I have 4b hair

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Leave-in before gel. Well, half the time, I don't even bother with gel, but you get the picture.

Also, careful with what hold you get. Some just deal with stronger holds by SOTC (scrunching out the crunch), but I don't really like to bother with that. A really popular "gel" for fine-haired curlies has become aloe vera (pure), so if you don't want to be weighed down, you might want to look at that?

And the products I use are in my signature. I have low porosity hair though, so the products I use are generally watery and have to soak in slowly.

Oh yeah, and your sealant can sometimes ease the effect of your gel
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