Comments about frizzy crazy hair all the time

Every time I go out, people say things like 'you have very big hair' ' your hairs crazy I love it' 'have you tried frizz ease" ...etc

Not insults as such, but they make me feel so insecure. Especially when I know my hair isn't frizzy that day but they use the word because they're ... Well I d k

Does anybody else get comments like these? I'm starting to feel like a bit of a freak show when I go out
It doesn't matter what other people think. As long as you like your hair, don't pay attention to comments from people who don't like it. Hope this helps!!
OMG I feel you so much. I have 3C hair and from my co-workers (when I didn't have my hair flat ironed that day) one was like, "your hair is CRAZY...bit a good crazy, you know."

>.< No.
People are stupid. Honestly people are gonna love some things and not like others so much. However lately I have noticed people being *****y underneath their so called compliments. You rock what you got and only you know your hair best. I want my hair to be bigger and crazier to be honest. Just do you **** the rest of the world.

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I wouldn't worry about it. Generally, comments like that, are evoked by jealousy.
Be proud of what you have! Sometimes I get really annoyed by frizz or whatever, but then I think what life would be like with dull, lifeless, straight hair and I feel a lot better.
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