Who likes their hair straight?

I used to never straighten my hair but lately I have been doing it more. I was just wondering if anybody else likes to straighten their hair.
I never wear my hair curly, even though I am naturally curly. It's just too much hair. I get my hair blow dried and straightened every 2-3 weeks.
I do. I am all over the place though. I have several size curling irons, a flat iron, brushed out, go CG now that I'm learning, pin curls, anything I can, I do. Hair is an accessory just like jewelry and makeup and I wear it however suits my look that day.
2a/b, low-po, medium/medium, HIGH elasticity, 4" past BSL

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Hunting for the perfect clumping.
Lately yes . All summer it was natural . Now I'm straightening like crazy . I haven't actually logged in here since like June . My hair is just so frizzy lately so straightening is just best until I find my miracle product .

Needs A lot Of Moisture.
I do like the occasional flat ironing but after like a week I go insane and I have a breakdown and I be like I NEED MY CURLS BACK!!!!! So I go wash my hair and I'm happy. I usually flat iron once a year some years I don't flat iron at all but some years I flat iron like 3/4 times.
I prefer my hair straight. Less hassle. If I do have my hair curly I usually let it dry naturally, but as soon as I go out the house and the wind gets it, it looks awful! So I put it up in a ponytail.
I usually straighten my hair in the winter, and wear it natural in the summer. Since the climate where I live is particularly dry in the winter, I make sure to deep condition my hair twice a week, and always use a heat protectant. Then, since I spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer, I put aloe vera in my hair before I go out. Maybe it's just me, but my hair isn't really prone to a lot of damage, and I don't see a huge problem with heat styling. As long as you keep your hair healthy
I love to straighten my hair the only problem is when I straighten my hair it's way to long.

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