how to tell your parents that you want curls

im 15 in an half years old and black and wanted to get curls for an afro so how can i tell my parents that i want curls
If you currently have a relaxer, explain to them that you really want to transition to your natural texture and lear. To take care of it. do some research and explain to them what you plan on doing

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I don't think it's something that you really have to tell them, unless you want to. It's your hair and I don't see anything wrong with going back to your natural texture.

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Many parents feel invested in their child's hair and would not appreciate being left out of hair decisions. I would do as previously recommended: do your research, be prepared to present pros and cons of natural hair, try wearing braid outs and twists outs to help parents get used to the idea of non-straight hair (go tamed and modest then slowly work your way up to your full Afro potential to prevent parental shock). Good luck!

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