Styling curly hair for nights out?


Recently, I've been having some difficulty when trying to style my hair when going out, say to a disco for example. My hair always looks lovely when I'm in a casual setting, but never looks great when going out for the night.

I need my hair to look more sleek and shiny, with more defined curls, as it goes quite lank and frizzy as the night goes on! Would a ghd help here do you think, or what should I do to style my curly hair in a more defined fashion?

I am between a 2c and a 3a.

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you so much.
>_< Im having the same issue.... I love wearing my hair down but it doesnt have the same effect for a night out.
hi! i am pretty sure i have the same hairtype like you! going out with curls was always a problem for me.. i got a ghd dor christmas last year and it really helps to create loose curls or sleek hair, i don't want to miss it !
I would definitely recommend using curl formers or you could put some rollers in and brush them out so that they're like soft and wavy.

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