detangling help needed!!!!!!!!!!

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alright so i have tried sectioning my hair and put in alot of conditioner, then i detangle. problem is right after my hair is completely dry its a different ball game. my hair gets literally HARD, as a result i then have to detangle again in which case i lose a massive clump of hair. so please help me if you have experienced this issue. also does letting my hair dry in braids help?:confused2 oh i forgot to mention i am transitioning

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Detangling during my transition was hard for me to at first. I had to keep playing around and trying different conditioners to find one that worked for me. Tresemme naturals is an awesome detangler for me but I have had some success with suave naturals. I did have to adjust the way I shampooed. I cowash and detangle first and then I rinse the conditioner out. Then I apply more condish just to my ends. I no longer shampoo my whole head. I keep conditioner on the ends and shampoo the roots. That way the ends still remain detangled and my scalp gets clean. As the shampoo gets rinsed it goes down the hair shaft so your hair gets clean. While this works for me, you may have to make some adjustments to find the shampooing method that works best for you. Hope this helps you!
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Sorry I just realized u said dry hair. But I didn't comb my hair while dry because that will frizz your hair up. The wet detangling helped a lot and I styled wet so it would dry in the style (I did a lot of twistouts) so I never combed my hair dry or it would frizz up horribly.
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I don't comb my hair when dry, only when wet or with conditioner? Are you detangling prior to your wash or after?

I use to detangle with tresemme vitamin e moisture rich conditioner. But I stumbled across Kinky Curly Coily Me detangling cocktail and that has helped with making my sessions shorter. It's water, oil and conditioner.

When Im done washing, I use a really good leave in, as I am or Shea moisture curl milk.

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