Vacation hair tips??

So im leaving for Mexico on friday and unsure what I'm going to do about my hair. Im sure the humidity will win most days and I'll end up wearing my hair up. My question is about washing. Right now, I was every 2 to 3 days and use a mild, sulfate free shampoo. Should I wash more often in Mexico since I'll be spending pretty much everyday in the pool and/ or the ocean? Or should I just apply leave in conditioner every time I get my hair wet? Any help would be great... Thanks!!
I brought kinky curly to Mexico when i went to visit my family. I didnt swim but you should rinse the salt water out after swimming.

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So would you recommend using shampoo and conditioner and everything or just rinsing under the shower?
I would rinse out with water amd put on some conditioner for extra protection and softness.

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I would co-wash my hair everytime I come out of the water. Your hair probably wont need any shampooing because thats doubly harsh(sulfates and chlorine/seawater). Also use your leave in conditioner before you go in the water after you co-wash or whenever you feel you need it.

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