I would love to feature some teens on my blog because more perspectives are better than one and I love to see different textures and how other teens and young adult handle theirs . you can check out my blog at kinkycurlies

Everyone who want to get featured answer these 5 questions with two attachment pictures of an up close shot of your texture, a pic of your favorite style and an optional picture of your "OOTD". It would mean the world if you can be featured on my blog and thanks for taking your time to read this .

1. When did you BC or have you been natural all your life?

2. What is your hair type and some do's and dont's you've learned about your hair type along the way?

3. What does wash day look like for you?

4. what are your favorite hairstyles that are quick and easy to do?

5. How do you handle your hair in the morning before school?