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I cant figure out my hair type please help. I couldnt get a picture of the back of my head but its less curly. I dont follow the curly girl method yet but im gonna give it a try. Other than that are there any other ways to make my hair have more curl.

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You have such beautiful curls!

I'm no expert but I'd say you have either 2C or 3A curls. I don't necessarily know how you could make your hair curlier. Maybe this could help? How to Get Curl Defintion

Do you use a product whilst your hair is drying? I apply pure coconut oil on damp hair and then let it air dry and it works for me, however you have to find what works best for your own hair. This could be a gel or a cream. I found this searching the site ---> Top 10 Curl-Defining Products
This is my prayer. That I'll die living just as free as my hair.
Thank you I'll try that

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