What's my hair type? What should I do??

I have this huge problem with my hair. I already postet something like this but something changed. Well, my hair used to be really curly, when i came right off the shower it used to get immediately curly without doing anything with it ( no scrunching at all). Even when my hair was as long and longer then it is today (8-9 cm above my bellybutton) it was curly. I hated it and straightened it every single day once or twice.. I was so Bad to my hair.. Now everything is completly different (time difference then and now: 2-3 years). When i come out off the shower its almost wavy- straight.. And pretty frizzy, it Looks like i had curls and brushed them out.. I have to scrunch them and put something like hairspray on it to make them stay.. But my culs are less.. I tried silicon free products and the Co- Washing hair method but my hair is so flat. I have less and thinner hair then i used to have (had hair loss because of my underactive thyroid)... But should that make my curls more instead of less because they arent so heavy anymore? I also take Vitamins but it doesnt help that much..

I'm sending two pictures too so you might tell ne what curl structure i now have? Would be great! What's my hair type? What should I do??-imageuploadedbycurltalk1363688621.764253.jpgWhat's my hair type? What should I do??-imageuploadedbycurltalk1363688641.603584.jpg
It sounds to me like you might have damaged your hair. Doing some moisturizing treatments may help but if you really did streighten it twice a day (I don't know what method you used). You might have damaged it beyond repair, in which case you may just have to trim it until damage is cut out.
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I'm no expert but it look like you have 2c hair to me you could also take a look at the thinning hair forum for support and advice. Oh and maybe you could try a protien treatment to help repair the damage.

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