Can't Decide

This is my first post here (I also posted this in Curly Men, I have no idea what I'm doing just yet lol), and I really had no idea such a thing as this existed. But I'm glad it does, because I a have a dilemma...

My girlfriend (in picture 1) likes my hair like it's shown in picture 1. I like my hair as shown in picture 2 (a bit longer, kinda all over the place - controlled chaos - with streaks of highlighted blond.

She's adamant that the way she likes it looks better. (Short, boring and worthless. I can't do anything with it!)
I'm adamant that the way I like it looks better. (A bit longer, style-able, highlighted)

What do y'all think? (Anyone's opinion is valid, just looking for a neutral party's opinion).

Pic1 (she likes it even shorter than this, but I couldn't find a decent pic. You get the idea though)


I like both styles!
I think I prefer the longer hair over the shorter hair. I hope you two come to an agreement (:
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I've always liked longer hair on guys. I'm probably biased lol but I like the second pic
Medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity
I'm thinking I might let it grow out a bit, get it trimmed a bit (to tame the sides some because they get so crazy ha). And then I think I'll do the highlights and mousse it kinda crazy like in the second picture. I've always halfway wanted to grow my hair out like... Shoulder lengthish, but I have no idea how it'd look haha.

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