Hair color changing?

When I was little, my hair was brown and thin and turned blonde in the summer, but I'm worried because this winter it started looking very auburn. As my hair lightens in the sun, will it turn more red? (its already getting lighter and I'm starting to see red in artificial light)

I'm staring to get paler and getting some freckles. (I think my Irish is starting to show)
Don't be worried. Hair color can change naturally, I think. I used to have DARK brown hair but now it's getting lighter and getting a red tint. My mom's did that too.
3b & 3c. Had to learn everything myself since momma didn't understand curly hair.
He said, "Patience, my caramel concubine."
Concubine: a sultan's lover; usually very sexy ladies of the highest quality; Persian term; usually also dancers.
don't worry about your hair color changing, mine used to be platinum blond and now its auburn. It's perfectly normal, not to mention dark, reddish hair is gorgeous, so I'm sure you'll look pretty either way

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