long or short hair?! (pics)

like the title, do you like my hair long or short better? and what type of curls are each one. the long hair is from today and my first day of no-poo
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long or short hair?! (pics)-picture098.jpg   long or short hair?! (pics)-picture099.jpg   long or short hair?! (pics)-birthday-2012-010.jpg   long or short hair?! (pics)-birthday-2012-013.jpg   long or short hair?! (pics)-birthday-2012-058.jpg  

Heya, personally I like the shorter hair from the pictures where you're on the sofa, it would take less time to dry after washing it as well, (but the curls from the no-poo photos are so pretty ) thats just my personal opinion though, have whichever you feel confident with

I think its 2b-ish, but I'm no expert and you may want to get a second opinion :L

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Girl you are working both. They both look really nice.
Both styles are cute! c:
I prefer the shorter hair though. You hair types looks 2b (:
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