Pixie Cut (yes/no?)

Alright, so I need some advice about my hair.
I have been wanting a pixie cut for a long time, I'm not sure my face shape would suit it though, or my hair.

Here is a picture of me:


My hair isn't that kinky and I think a pixie cut would look cute.

I was hoping to get a haircut similar to this one:


I've been told I'll look like ill have an afro. Anyways, opinions would be helpful.
Your hair is gorgeous!! I'm seriously jealous.
I say if you really want to do it go for it, I mean hair does grow back. It just hurts me a little inside that your cutting your hair but I'll get over it
But lemme know how it goes!
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What's interesting is, it looks like your hair type and even face shape isn't all that different from mine. I don't have that pixie cut right now, but I am planning on cutting it that short in a few minutes (xD) or tomorrow. I can let you know how it goes

Also, my hair is shorter than yours and it looks fine. I don't have a picture right now so I can't show you. If I cut my hair tomorrow, I'll post a before and after picture if you want Anyway, my hair is about my shoulders and shorter, shorter in the back.

If you wanna go for it but you're scared, you can do what I've been doing. I've been slowly going shorter and shorter to see how I like it. First I had it cut to my shoulder blades, then just below my shoulders, then at my shoulders, and here I am now with it maybe just above my shoulders (it was at my chin before it grew to this). By the end of tomorrow, I'm sure it'll have that pixie cut xD

(PS: My hair type might actually be a little less curly than yours, if not about the same. As I've been cutting my hair, I actually noticed my hair type has been a little closer to wavy, but not by much)

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