Im getting a hair cut tomorrow and I decided that now that I've finally got this whole curly hair thing under control that I would try layers like most curly girls have. The problem is I'm kind of afraid that it will get all poofy and look bad. Any tips or help? This is a picture of my current hair, no layers besides my bangs. I have 2c/3a hair.
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My experience has been that getting layers not only helps with curl definition, but it makes it less poofy. Good luck! I can't imagine ever not having layers again!
Thanks for the help. I decided to get layers. I've attached a picture of my new layers. (:
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Love it! Those curls will be even more defined in a day or least my hair always takes a few days to adjust to a new cut.
Love it, you and your hair are gorgeous!

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Thanks, hopefully they will be more defined today because my hair Stylist uses shampoo and doesn't know how to scrunch hair.

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