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megleigh06 06-19-2013 10:25 PM

help please?
i have wavy hair but its not the pretty wavy look where i could go out with it it sticks in odd places and is very frizzy some pieces are curly some wavy and some straight! when i scrunch it however it gets this gross wet look and is crunchy(WHICH I HATE!!!!!) and it sticks straight to my head and the curls are in all these different directions and it just looks gross! but my hair used to curl... anyway the products i use are not your mothers kinky moves, herbal essences set me up gel, paul mitchell round up i use a diffuser and stuff but its horrid by the time it dries! i really would like it to look like the girl in the end of this video:How I get SUPER curls without the curling iron! - YouTube .. thats pretty much my hair routine now except i let it airdry a little more but if you can help thank you so much. I mean i know i have girl because my hair is definaltely not straight haha

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