Box Braids

Do you have to use weave with box braids or can u just use your natural hair because I want them badly but my mom wont let me use extensions and how much would it cost
I think it would look better with weave and it depends what type of hair you get some cost more if its natural hair.
You can get them done that way if you want. it's faster and easier to put in and take out, but they have less mobility.

When I got mine done I had my actual hair braided but I had fake hair braided in to keep it kind of protected, make the braids looks smoother and make them longer. With my natural hair it would have gotten frizzy real fast and they would have only been to my jawline.

It took a really long time to put in and take out, but I wore them for a really long time too. The hair I got was fake hair that you could melt at the ends (the braids were twice as long as my real hair so it didn't effect it) and it was really cheap. I still have enough left over to have it done all over again. Real hair is more expensive but it tangles less when you work with it.

Would your mother consider fake hair braided with your real hair extensions?

I'd show you a pic of mine but the only one I had was one my lil bro took on his phone and it's long gone XD

How long is your hair now and what type is it? And would you use a color similar to yours or change it up? Or put beads in it? If I ever get my hair braided again I'm definitely getting beads in it XD

The only cost for me was the cost of the hair which was about $12 for four bags. My brothers girlfriend at the time did them. It is probably best if you go to a salon though so you know it's done right (I've heard horror stories of girls who had braid that were too tight ._. But it doesn't happen all that often)

And a helpful tip if you do get them- when you wash your hair (read up on that) make sure it DRIES cause it might get a strange smell if you don't. Other than that, have fun with them XD Post a pic please cause I'd like to see :P
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Super short, I'd like definition but styling products don't like me

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