Hot oil Treatments

I have been doing them more frequently and also taking biotin. But to speed up the process I was thinking about doing hot oil treatments every single day and two hand twists at night? My hair DOES NOT do the pineapple method and also does not do wash and gos. I'm not sure why? Anyways is it okay to do Hot oil treatments daily? and If so Comment what kinds and what kind of ingredients are in that. c;
I don't see the point of hot oil treatments every day. Moisturize and seal hair regularly and maintain low manipulation styles to help length retention and see your hair growth.
Yeah, I don't really see the purpose either, unless you do the daily treatments on wearable two-strand twists that you plan to keep in for about two weeks to a month. That way you won't have to manipulate it so much.

But, then you would probably have to do more protein treatments also if you plan to condition your hair everyday to remove the oil. I'm all for frequent washes when having twists. It's so convenient, but you do have to be careful.

Hope that helped.

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