Curls vs flatiron.

Hi im 14, and school is right around the corner and ive been strongly considering not wearing it curly the first few weeks. Im afriad i will have damaged hair even when i use heat protector on my hair. Im 3c but the crown of my head is a 3b hardly any springy curls and very loose. If i straighten and then wash again it will be striaght and no curls. Please help.
Hi Kaela,

I'm 14 too (15 in October), and I have been straightening my hair for 5 years now. Now, I'm starting to embrace my curls and loving them! The only thing that I hate is my uncontrollable frizz from my heat damage. Of course, it's your choice to straighten your hair, and I think that using heat is good but only in moderation! You shouldn't be straightening your hair every 2 weeks like I did if you don't want damage. Also, after you have your straight, use a deep conditioner and other moisturizing treatments when it's curly again

**I inserted some pictures of my straight and curly hair
(My face looks weird in one of them! haha)
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