hair advice and (or no)pixie cut?

My hair is really odd.One day is almost straight,some small parts are curly(and i don't use flatiron at all),other it curls everywhere (on the back,around my ears,forehead...) and it can never stay the way I make it,like 15 min. after I comb it it ''puffs'',and it's like I never comb it at all.
I don't like use much products on it.When it's wet it's always wavy 2a-2b I'd say.
Does anyone have that mix hair problem?how do you deal with it?
My hair used to be thick,but now it's like more ''normal'',and I have split ends every 2-3 months + sometimes I think it falls too much when it's wet.

Since it's summer and where I am temperature is like 33 every day,considering all problems I'm thinking about pixie cut.Has anyone tried it ith similar hair (wavy).I know most of haircuts are on fully straight hair,but why not on other types?

wHAT do you guys think? What it be easier to style it,or it would curl on wrong places?
I'd really appreciate advice on someone who tried pixie with wavy hair?

I was thinking something like this <<and this one,which is more curly

I have an oval face

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My hair (sounds similar) does very well in a pixie cut. My wave doesn't start until my ears. While the top does not have root wave it has a ton if body with a good product. Actually I wish is known how to style my wavy hair before I had it short for years. I think it would have been easier to choose product and make it work. But that said you'll still probably need product. Both if you want puff or spike or to lay down like in the pic. My suggestion is try really learning to deal with it wavy as longer hair then if you still want to cut to pixie you'll just be way more aware of the things your hair can do and ways to do it. I have a couple of vids that might help you with ideas and hope that helps.
2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation
Oh and I sure wish I'd know about diffusing when I had short hair!!
2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation

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