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fairieCurls 08-10-2013 02:03 AM

Dying dark brown hair to copper + tangle? [no bleach]
A question for [very dark brown/black] curly Hair :alien:

Have you dyed your WHOLE head Copper without using bleach? if so, what brands do you recommend and is it very DRYING to your hair? what was your after care? did it loosen the curls? make it more frizzy? did it damage it or fry the hair?:iconbiggrin::iconbiggrin::iconbiggrin::iconb iggrin: too many questions..

What do you do when the back of your head hair ALWAYS gets tangled? does dying your hair make it worst? how do you deal with it?

Note:i have dyed only few strands of my hair but used henna to dye my whole hair [gives it a reddish look in the sun]

Hazelgrace 08-13-2013 12:50 PM

I recently used L'oreal Mega Reds in Med. Intense red Copper which worked very well on me. It's darker copper that fades to a vivid copper. 2/3rds of my hair was previously bleached, but I had about 4 inches of roots which were mid-dark brown. It's a very even colour throughout. That does use developer that contains peroxide though. I also have used Ion Brilliance Demi-permanent in Dark Copper Blonde which is a very similar colour but only uses lev. 10 developer.
The mega reds was a bit drying but not nearly as much as bleach, and the Demi was slightly, but not much. I didn't feel that my curl pattern changed with either of them, but previously to this, I had been bleaching my hair in order to do a bunch of bright colours, and with that my hair had loosened from a 3a/3b mix to a 3a/2c mix.

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