Succes! Curls accepted in high school!

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After my hall of shame post about not fitting in high school with my curls, I grabbed a pair, washed my hair, applied mousse, scrunched and let air dry.. Put on my silk cap to sleep, woke up and revived my curls with a spray of water and walked into senior year
AHHHH! I've never felt so liberated! I got compliments as soon as I stepped into the hall. I walked into the bathroom and this girl stood there with her jaw opened and said she didnt recognize me because I had always straightened my hair. My friends said my hair smelled great for once. The guys in my class who have never said a word to me couldn't stop with the glances. The girl who has bullied me since last year rolled her eyes, got jealous and finger brushed her weave.This asian girl convinced herself to get a perm after coveting my curls. This other girl, who had spent about an hour making spirals in the morning with a wand, told me how she had been jealous of my thick wavy swirls since years ago when I wore my hair natural once in a blue moon. She said she had always seen the back of my head in class and always wish she could trade her stringy hair for mine. At an assembly in the gym, I noticed how all the incoming freshman girls had straightened their hair to a crisp and held it in the little clips. My sister said she recognized me across the gym because I was the only one with exotic looking voluminous hair, and I stood out among the rest. I absolutely loved that part My teachers seemed to really like me because I felt confident and showed the part too And the best part of all, I saw this one freshman by herself and I told her that we now have something in common because she had curly hair too, and I think that she felt a TON better about her hair after being approached by a senior. LIKE WOW. I am converting one curly at a time! My boyfriend came to visit me today and he couldn't stop putting his hands in my hair, because he said my curls drive him WILD.
Basically, I want to thank everyone in this website for being such a supportive community. I have never felt so welcomed without even having known anyone, and I now I am learning that curly hair is no longer a curse, but a blessing to be unique :') I love you all, and I will continue to post some more if it ever comes down to more curly hair topics!
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I'm glad you had such a success with your curls. I thought wearing my curls at church (since I go to a very ritzy church) would be suicide. To my surprise, I've gotten so many compliments on my hair. More than when I wore my hair straight. My person of interest (he & I aren't exclusively dating. Just friends) loves my hair. Huge plus because he didn't know what my hair would look like.
So glad your senior is looking so bright. I unfortunately didn't have the guts to let my hair down so I cut it. Really like my hair style but I still wish I could have your confidence to show off my curls my senior year too. Glad you found your inner curly girl! And best wishes this year! Class of 2014! xx.
Me too! This girl got a perm the next week i wore my hair naturally curly!! And i got a lot of compliments, Curly hair indeed is a blessing
I never use smilies, but this thread totally deserves one - so so pleased for you!
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Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
Experimenting with: benign neglect
Congrats! I'm so jealous. Hopefully, I'll be accepted too.
Sing with Barney tune:
Frizz loves me
I hate frizz
It sticks to me
like a kid
with some creams
and some gel
and then nothing does the trick
Please help me
My curly friends.

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