curls are gone

im 16 years old now and have relaxed my hair 3 times but that was 2 and a half years ago i have straightened my hair since i was 12 but now i havent straightened my hair in a half year i only use the blow dryer . the only problem is my curls wont come back
my type of curls were 3b \3c
my mom says my curls will never get back the way they were
is this true?
if not is there anything i can do to get them back?
please help me?
Yeah. Relaxing and straightening changes your curl pattern. At least, that's what happened to me. You were straightening your hair for 4 years, 6 months is not enough 'recovery time' for your hair. I would give it some more time if I were you to see how it will turn out.
Using heat to straighten your hair can change the curl pattern. The more you do it the more likely it's permanently destroyed. While relaxing permanently destroys the curl pattern.

You need all your relaxed and head straighten hair to completely grow out before you will be able to see your true curls.
Straightening and relaxing is really bad for your hair, and you need to grow it out if you want to see your curls properly.
Cutting off all your damaged hair would be a quicker way to see your curls. Your hair would grow back curly (unless you kept using heat etc on it) and would be loads healthier.
If you don't want to do that, you can stop straightening your hair, and stop any more heat damage happening. If you need to straighten for a special occasion like a wedding, use lots of heat protector spray. A cut would be a good idea as well, even if you don't cut all of your hair cutting a few inches off will really make a difference.
To improve the health of your current hair, try following the curly girl method. This involves cutting out silicones and sulfates (ingredients in most hair products), and you will find everything you need to know about it on this site. Try doing deep conditioning treatments using coconut oil to give some moisture back to your hair. Try doing protein treatments as well. Recipes for both can be found on this site
Good luck with your hair!!
the upper layers of my hair are straight/wavy right now but
below that my hair still curls as it used to really weird
it also gets really dry whenever i wash it i already condition my hair with mayonaise egg and olive oil treatments.
should i stop blowdrying too?
Yes stop blow drying.

Until you have got rid of your damaged ends and worked out how to take care of your hair to enhance your curls, keep the blow dryer away.
They will come back, you might have to make a big cut and start over. HEAT WILL KILL YOU!! Lol

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