Beer rinse?

My hair has heat damage at the crown so the curls tend to look 3a when really the rest of my hair is 3c. Ive tried scrunching it to see if it would eventually dryin in the same shape. It doesnt work. Ive been doing the whole curly style since march and my curls were getting alot better and manageable until i straightened it for the first 2 weeks of school. Now the curls are getting loose and frizzy. Does the beer rinse helo tighten the cuticles and make the curls bounce back? Help!??
I tried the beer rinse once, and I didn't see a difference on my hair. It actually felt sort of dry and was frizzy for like a week after. I was so disappointed. But, it might work for you! Everyone's hair is different. When I tried it, I did it a day after coloring my hair. So that might've been the culprit.

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