WANTED: New Haircut/Style ideas! Tips and Tricks Needed!

So I have what looks to be Twirly Whirly hair. But if I were to describe it in detail I would say I have tighter curls in the front (A top layer of more loose curls [2c,3a and b's]) over tighter curls [3a, b, c] that have coily curls mixed in here and there. On the sides I have more 2c. And on the back and part of the sides I have more looser almost 2b curls.

Basically I want a new haircut. Currently I have medium sized hair in the front that gradually increases to long, almost mid-back length hair. I am looking for a haircut that I could wear by itself, but still be able to pin back and move hair around to achieve different things. I am willing to part with some of its length, but I wouldn't want it past somewhere around the bottom of my ears in the front. I was looking into some form of shorter section, so to speak, in the front so I could have a form of bangs without having to straighten it (I love the shorter curls in the front). I love wearing flowers and stuff in my hair, so if I could find a haircut that suits that need too that would be great!

Some more info:
-Porosity: High in the back, medium in the front and sides
-Density: I believe medium
-Width: Corse in back, medium in front and sides

*If I can get pictures of stuff I like and of my hair I'll post them as soon as I can. Thanks in advance!
do you know the youtuber beautycrush? WANTED: New Haircut/Style ideas! Tips and Tricks Needed!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1381667796.163490.jpg she has bangs which she's wearing curly. you should really check out her videos about hairstyling!
i am pretty sure that my hairtype is 2c-3a and i tried out a cut like that. i actually like it but the bangs have to get a cut every 2 months. hope i could help you a little

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