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Hello, So I have about 2c/3a hair depending on how I maintain it. I've lately wanted to cut it short like around my shoulders! But apparently everyone has a problem saying things like, " No way, it's going to be a giant puff ball" or " it won't go with you!" It really has bothered me so I was wondering if someone could help me by pointing me to a certain cut and product to work with my hair? THANKS!
I have 3A hair (with 3B parts) and it's just above my shoulders and not a puff ball at all lol.

I'd say go for a short do and rock it! It's your hair and you shouldn't let other people tell you what to do with it
3B. Med porosity. Med thickness. Med density.

LP: Shea Moisture (currently JBCO)
Conditioner/CW: Jason Aloe Vera

LI: Aunt Jackie's Curls & Coils Quench
Refreshing: TRESemmé Naturals Aloe Vera & Avocado
Gel: DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel
Aunt Jackie's Soft & Sassy Super Duper Softening Conditioner
Treatments: Coconut oil/Coconut milk

UK curly. CG since Oct 2013.
Growing my hair to WL when dry
Do it!!!!! It will be gorgeous. I have 3a hair, and when I did my big chop it wasn't a puffball at all! Your hair will have great volume and it will really encourage your curl pattern. You'll have beautiful, bouncy, healthy curls

3a, fine/med strand thickness, high density, low porosity
CG since April 2012
BC October 2012
Cleanser: SheaMoisture Manuka Honey or CJ Daily Fix
RO Conditioner: Mop Top Daily Conditioner
Leave In: KCKT
Stylers: Either Raw Curls Spray Gel, Raw Curls Medium Hold Gel, or MopTop Curly Custard, and always topped with Curlisto Control II Gel
Sealer: Pure Argan Oil
Mine is just below my ears (curly), and I don't have a puff ball! I'm 2c/3a. IMO, it's much easier and faster to take care of than longer hair. Plus it's fun!
2c-3a - med-coarse - normal-high porosity - high density

NP/LP: CJ Daily Fix, KMF Whenever / Giovanni TTTT
RO/LI: Aussie Moist, CJ Argan & Olive Oil, Hask Keratin Protein
DC/PROTEIN: KC Stellar Strands / CNPF
STYLER: CJ Curl Queen
COLOR: henna, amla & indigo
: glycerin in high/low dews, polyquat-10 & 11, parabens
Honestly you won't be able to stop thinking about it until you do it lol. Just go for it and when you rock it everyone who said it wouldn't will be dumbfounded. Have fun

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DC: SM, CJ Rehab, G.Nutrafix, DIY
Sealers: an oil, JC N&S
Stylers: just CO, CJ CIAB, KCCC, aloe gel, FSG
Once in a while: ACV, Lemon-Aid

Oils to seal, rinse, and/or pre-poo as needed

2c/3a/3b coarse, normal porosity
CG since 2007
i have a shorter haircut because my hair was very damaged and i wanted something new, i really like it! my hair is really healthy and feels nice and soft btw hair grows, if you don't like it it takes some months and everything's fine

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