Pixie cut with 2-3A hair help?

Hello hello~
I have 2-3A hair aaand I'm going super short soon. I want to know how my hair will do with this cut. X3

The picture below is of my hair. No product or fancy stuff at all. Brush and dry.

The picture below THISSS is the basic idea of what I want. I'm thinking shorter, but if my hair will cooperate I'd love this cut.

edit; hisses the first picture is so biiiiig I'm on mobile I never meant for this to happen.
gomen ;~;

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The cut you want is really pretty i think it will look great. I'm not sure how curly your bangs are now i only see part of it on the photo. Thats how your hair will probably look short too.

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I think it'll come out kind of like a 20s bob. You'll have curl for sure. Should be real cute. Bit I love you long hair too. Really nice curl pattern.
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I have 2c/3a hair and have had this similar cut many times. I had to go super short in order to not have to straighten it. Growing it out is the biggest pain in the buttocks. If you don't mind the work if you plan to grow it out again at some point, I say go for it! Short hair is very liberating. Just make sure it's what you really want. I had to straighten my hair in the in between stages, or when it got longer (within a couple months) or it would flip out in all the wrong places.
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I think pixies with your hair type look super cute! Otherwise they look flat and boring. Go for it!
Thanks guys!

I'm going to go get it cut tomorrow afternoon. Will post pics.

I don't think my hair's straight enough to do the cut I want. I did, however find a different shorter one that would work better. I'm really excited! c:
So excited! !!

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I would like to see a picture soon too.
I'm thinking about cutting my hair short too.

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I have the exact same hair type! I got a pixie cut too and my hair surprisingly doesn't really curl that much just usually from the bangs. I bet it looks super cute!
i have 3a hair and a pixie. doesnt curl much at all this length. in summer i may have to lightly flat iron a piece of bang or 2 but not often.

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