I need a buddy!!

Hello, my name is Candace & I am currently 16 years old. I have 3b hair. Im looking for someone who would like to join my grow out challenge! we can swap hair photos & information about our hair. (products, hair type, ect..) One of my goals is to go completely natural for a year. If interested let me know! thanks in advance.

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Hi Candace! My name is Adeline and I'm 14. I have 3a hair and am trying to grow it out too. Would love to join your challenge&swap info and pics about hair. but I'm warning you, my hair grows pretty slow!!
LOL! My hair grows slow too, but I mean its a slow process anyways! im so gald you want to join this journey with me!

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My name is Candace too! Omg it's faith! Haha, just messing . I'm trying to grow out my hair as well. So far I'm 4 months without heat. I found a method to do my hair where I put Velcro rollers in my hair when it's wet and it comes out amazing. I'm obsessed so I've been doing that. I attached a pic that was me over the summer. I can't wait for my hair to be long once again!

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xocandii, your hair is so pretty!! Do you use like the soft curlers? I've tried that in my hair, but it just ends up making it straighter (go figure). Here's my hair. It's not nearly as curly as it usually is, but this is the only picture I can find.
sorry...for some reason the pic didn't show up. =(
Aww thanks! I wouldn't consider them soft rollers. They're the conair Velcro kind. Kind of scared because I read it's damaging :/ I guess it can't be as bad as heat though right?
Haha "its faith!" I stop straighten my hair for about 5months. So what kind of products you use on your hair? I currently use SheaMoisture! Im am OBESSED! What I like about this hair line is the fact that it is all natural ingredients. Btw I like your hair Candace aka sisterbyfaith.

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Thanks! Yours is purtyyy too! I'm jelly of your length. When I scrunch it I use KCCC and usually get good results but it's just to dang expensive :/.
Hey, have either of you ever tried using homemade flaxseed gel? I've never tried it, but I'm kind of interested. Do you think it would work?
Omg! I watched a video on that and was planning to try it but totally forgot about it until you brought it up. If you do try it, let us know the results!
ok i think I'm going to try it! It might be a while though, cuz I haven't actually made it yet or even got the flaxseeds, but I'll try it as soon as possible and let you know how it works.
Here is a pic of my hair pattern. Lol & a crazy face.!

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You're hair is really pretty!! lol, I like the face too =D Okay, I have a confession to make...I straightened my hair on Thursday. I know, I know! I just thought that it would look nice. And now I'm never going to do it again, because it actually just turned it into a huge frizzy mess. =(

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