No good hair stylists in my area:(

Lately I've been constantly thinking about chopping of some of my waist length 3a/3b hair. I don't want it to be insanely short like a bob but maybe shoulder blade length. The problem is the stylist I go to and have gone to since my very first hair cut, cuts my hair wet and I'm scared how it will turn out. What should I tell her when I go it? Do I still need layers? I might also be donating to locks of love so that's really why I want to do this so badly. Thanks guys!
Hey there! I'm pretty sure that when you donate hair, they put it in a ponytail and just cut it dry. So that being the process, you could probably just mention you'd like her to finish cutting dry after she cuts the ponytail. There's a thread on here all about what to tell your non curly stylist when she cuts your hair.
I am also looking into getting a good curly cut, but I'm actually trying to grow my hair out
Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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Ok thanks! I probably won't be getting it done anytime soon, probably January/February. I'll post the pictures to this topic when it's done though!
Do you remember the name of the thread by any chance?
It's called: What to Tell My Stylist. It's in the stylist/salon forum. (Sorry for such a late response!)

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