hair type help!!

Hey I can't really seem to figure out what hair type I am. My hair is REALLY sensitive to the weather, and it doesn't straighten...I'm thinking kind of like 2c or 3a...what do you guys think?

Photo on 2014-04-23 at 16.20 #2

sorry if the picture doesn't work...this is my first time trying to post a pic
I can't see your picture, but it's entirely possible that you're a mix of both! I'd check out your pattern on a good hair day and see if it's more curls or more wavy. Hope that helps a bit lol
i couldn't see the picture, but like Selena_M said you may be a mix of both, i have mostly 3b hair but the pieces in the front are 3c, there is a curl quiz somewhere on this site that will tell you what you are

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