New hairstyle?? 3B curls!

Hellooo~ I'm new here!
A little background..My hair is thick 3B curls, it's flat at the roots (almost straight) and my hair in the back is wavy. It also fizzes up towards the back and front. Recently I've recovered from heat damage (blow dryer & flat iron) and I'm slowly transitioning to all natural products. Thing is I've had long hair almost all my life (I'm entering my senior year of high school) with long layers. I'm in need of a change I'm thinking of going medium length or short I just don't know how short (layers included?) please help!! Thank you <3
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I think you should go for it! I was transitioning my 3b/c hair for so long and when I cut of all my damaged, chemically processed hair i felt so much better! Even though my hair went from upper back length to ear length. There are so many ways to style it but just letting it airdry with oil to prevent frizz is best. If you want to keep length just cut it above your shoulders.

Good luck
Yeah I would cut it a little longer than shoulder length because it will bounce up and put some long layers in it so you won't have what we call "triangle head" where the top is flat and the bottom is wide.

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