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I hope Chupie chimes in, because she's very knowledgeable about 2b hair. I'm also a 2, but cut seems to matter more than products for me, so I don't feel I can give good advice about a co-wash. Co-washing makes my hair limp and scraggly. However, since yours is coarse, it may be just the thing (mine is fine).

Anyway, welcome!


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Hi! I just saw this. So sorry! Well, I do not have coarse hair, mine is medium, but a few questions first. What is the weather like where you live? What products are you currently using? A lot of wavies like the Suave Naturals for co-washing. I can't co-wash too often, as even though I'm kind of dry, my hair gets "heavy" and I need to low poo most of the time. I actually seem to do better rinsing out completely or low pooing. Low poos are mostly on the higher end product spectrum. I think coarse hair may not so much have this trouble.

I can't think of any coarse wavies that post too regularly here, so you might think about joining the Wavy Hair Community on Facebook. There are coarse wavies there. There seem to be some more particular difficulties there so I think you could really benefit from some of their advice.

As for frizz, a lot of what you use may depend greatly on the weather and dewpoints in your location so I'll wait on suggesting anything specific for stylers.
Hey, my hair's medium coarse and loves to expand and frizz when left to its own devices. You might try the Tresume naturals moisture conditioner as a co wash, and you can even use a little as a leave in on wet hair. That with a gel or styler scrunched in over it should help your strands to curl around each other instead of curling off on their own and forming frizz. The Tresume combines well with water so you can easily massage your scalp and hair to get it clean. Aubrey organics honeysuckle rose conditioner is another suggestion if you find your length needs something richer, though it's really too heavy to co wash with. If you do need to use a sulfate free shampoo every few washes, that's also perfectly fine.
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