My curls are changing!!!

i've always had really curly hair. like in-between a 3A or 3B... but now, for the past few months, it's more like a 2A/B!!!

the plus side is, it's way easier to deal i don't need to put as much products. and if i need to straighten it (which i avoid..but sometimes you must^^) it's a lot easier.

BUT the downside: by the end of the day, my curls seem "dull". like in the morning when i style looks nice. but after school or something, it goes really dull. reallyreally dull. like cotton candy or something. no shape to it whatsoever.

what kind of products should i use for my new hair? wavy-ish hair?

and do you guys find your hair veryvery dull after a night's sleep? what do you guys do to revive your curls? i've tried a lot of diff hair spritzers..but again, they don't last thru my day

What is your current routine and products? Are you CG
3b-3c CG
You hair is sopposed to change every seven years so that is not supprizin.
Try scrunchin ur hair more
my hair started off being so incredibly straight when i was a kid. once i hit twelve and the hormones started going crazy, my hair went curly, really curly, in a month flat. so don't think it's not going to happen. it will. since then, my hair has changed even more...first really curly, then it relaxed. it's natural, just hormones.
*taylor* 3a fine and thin/medium

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