I want to know if diffusing would be right for me. My hair type is in between 3B and 3C, sort of leaning closer to 3C. My hair is thick, and I'm wondering would my hair be too thick? Would a diffuser work for me? At this point I'll try pretty much anything to tame my wild curls. Also, what products are best to use with a diffuser? Are there any diffusers you recommend? (Just letting you know, I am kinda on a budget, so...I can't spend too much.) Thanks for any input!
I'd say a diffuser would work for everybody.
It depends on your hair, some hair responds better to diffusing and other hair responds better to airdry. Or partially diffuse/then air dry. Idk, you have to find your own routine in that.

There is also a sock diffuser where it blows light air and you scrunch with your hands, or theres a bowl diffuser where your hair falls into place and it scrunches for you. The bowl diffuser gives more volume.

As for the products, I'm not sure. I'd guess normal things you use in your routine would work.


Here, it opens a window in WindowsMedia.
3a/3b Mod CG

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i'd like a second opinion! anybody?
i've tried a diffuser before and all it did was make my hair poofy. i have a lot of hair and its between 3a and 3b. if your hair is thick i suggest you don't use a diffuser.

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