Weird curls.

I'm new here, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to post anyway. All my life I've had curly hair; it has just been curly in multiple stages. My biggest problem is keeping out the frizz. I've tried Bumble and Bumble, Pantene hydrated curls shampoo, tresemme curl definer, curl-conscious mousse, frizz-ease and curl-shaping gel. All are good for shaping curls... but none seem to keep the frizz out. Not surprisingly, John Frieda's products work best, but my biggest problem is keeping my hair healthy looking for a bit. This is what my hair looks like:

What type is that?? 3b? or something...?

My hair isn't really typical for my family: (we're Dominican, so we have a really wide spectrum in my family--- but nobody has super duper tight curls (like Nadia Turner etc.. we end at 3b) they either have very straight hair or curlier hair than that (not too tight, a manageable curly-- around 3b, I guess). My brother's hair is odd like mine as well. My dad and identical twin sister have similar hair (except, hers grows down :P). I think it mostly has to do with the products I use to define my curls-- she doesn't use them.

Thank you!!

Also, what shampoo do you think works best? I use the rotating-shampoo system, where I use one thing, then the other. What will do the best for my curls, hydrate my hair, and keep it healthy?

Thanks again.
I like to use Curl Life, by Matrix. It works pretty well for me, and I'm also a 3b. Their spray gel is good too.
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