do bangs work with curly hair or no? i want to try for something diffrent, but so scared it will ruin my hair forever.
It won't ruin your hair forever! If you don't like it, just clip it back as it grows out. I know how you feel though. I have 3A/B hair, and I really want bangs but I think my hair's just too curly... I want to use a gentle relaxer to just relax my curls a little bit, so they're more wavy, and then get side swept bangs i can blow dry or maybe not even have to. What hair type are you? Because if you're a 2, bangs would definitly work. 3A... maybe.
I think the looser, the better for bangs more in your face. The curlier, the better for the side.
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i really want bangs too but i dont know if they will work for my hiar.but im gettting them soon and finding out.
Last winter I got straight across bangs that ended just past my eyebrows. I'm about a 3a I think with more waves than curls. It was really hard at first to style them. I usually blow dry and curl my bangs anyways, but because they were shorter, they were harder to deal with. However for what it's worth, I'm getting them cut that way again this week, lol so if your willing to put a bit of work into it, go for it.
I have 3a hair and i got side bangs. I figured I'd just straighten them and noth the rest of my hair everyday, but that just looked ver strange. Usually I just end up cliping them which i actualyl quite like, and if my hair is really behaving sometimes I wear them down. Thgey really don't look awful curly and down.
i have bangs in the front and it looks fine with my curly as long as my hair is a bit pushed back in the front
I have bangs.

And my hair is 3a/3b. I just brush them out and put in pomade, side-swept of course.
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