herbal essences?

I was just wondering if anyone has tried the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner. Is it any good for 3b/3c hair? any comments are appreciated
I'm dying to know too! I don't think its CG friendly though, not sure... since you're not getting many posts here you should ask about it on the product reviews forum
natural 3c/4a hair. last relaxer was in sept. 06. real transition started june 07. minimal flat ironing/heat. BC- dec. 1 07!!! =) no routine just experimenting with different products & daily cowash.
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hmm, i don't know, it's been working for me pretty well. but what products can be bought at a drugstore that are CG?
I use the Hello Hydration whitch is great for curls, because the more hydrated your hair is, the less likely it is to frizz up. At least with my hair, and I'm a 3a I think.
hmm, i don't know, it's been working for me pretty well. but what products can be bought at a drugstore that are CG?
Originally Posted by craziia111
3b-3c CG
I've used it before. It didn't work wonders on my hair, but it managed to keep the frizz gone, and my curls looking good.
By the way, I'm a 3b.
I've also used None Of Your Frizzness, and Hello Hydration.
Those are pretty good.
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AMAZING!! I've never had another conditioner like this one. you can feel it working as soon as you put it on you hair. My hair has never been this soft. i have curly hair a few inches below my shoulders and i have never been able to control it. It also helps that it smells amazing! the smell stays in your hair even after a while. To be honest it was the bottle appearance that attracted me to it. Very modern and they have a whole line for all types of hair. Plus: It was cheap! Just $3.99! The color of the conditioner is lavender. end result? very soft hair that was easy to manage. I would recomend it to anyone and i will of course buy it again! Hope this helped!
They reformulated the Totally Twisted and Hello Hydration without cyclopentasiloxane.

So it's like d cone, and some other one that's pretty easy to remove I've heard.
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