I'm getting my hair cut before school starts (2 weeks from now), but I don't want it to look practically the same as it does now. I'm about a 3b with hard to style hair (no straightener can fully tame me ) and I'm tired of all the advice for my kind of hair being:

medium to long length, with layers, maybe tapering

I don't think I can cut my hair shorter than shoulder length, because I have a slightly square jaw. I'm kind of considering growing it longer (it's about armpit length, maybe longer in the back) but I live in Texas, where the humidity drags your hair down and makes it almost impossible for me to wear my hair down (plus I don't have patience). I know it sounds like I'm complaining a lot, but I'm sure plenty of you have the same problems as I do, and maybe some of you know a tip or two.
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i have 3a/3b hair (leading towards 3b) and i just got it cut. it has angles and layers. it looks really good but sometimes the layers look a bit funky, i really like it. talk to your hairdresser and see what he/she says, mine said that this was the best for my curly hair. hth and good luck!

don't worry, you are not complaining that much!!!

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